Steam generator inspection in energy plant with radiation tolerant camera

Steam generator inspection in energy plant with radiation tolerant camera

Visioprobe equipment

Pan & Tilt 45mm camera with focus

Control Unit

Fiber carbon telescopic pole


Customer needs in steam generators

Steam Generators, be it for Nuclear plants or any type of Energy plants, are a key component of the plant output and energy production. They need to be checked on a very regular basis to make the sure the performance of the plant is kept at its highest level. One inspection consists in the FoD (Foreign Object Detection) in-between exchanger tubes.

Challenge in nuclear and energy plants

There are three challenges :

  1. to be able to access via a small (60mm) entry point
  2. while performing an inspection along up to 3 meters of tubes
  3. in the best timing possible to keep radiation exposure as low as possible

The solution : a radiation tolerant inspection camera

The Visioprobe inspection camera, extremely compact and light, when mounted on fiber cabon telescopic pole, is the perfect tool for this inspection. The pole is inserted and deployed rapidly in the heat exchanger. It keeps its rigidity even with the long distance and the inspection can be performed smoothly with close to zero uncontrolled movement of the camera.


steam generator inspection

Results of a steam generator inspection

Rapid and consistent inspection with high image quality. The operator is at ease even though there is very little space to move around and the operation duration, hence radiation exposure, is kept as low as possible.

The corresponding equipement is then referenced at client’s end and is used for each inspection, whether by internal or external staff.