Industries – Outdoor
Borehole inspection camera
Tough and easy to use
28, 45 and 90mm pan & tilt camera head
Push rod or flexible cable with electronic meter counter
4h autonomy with interchangeable battery
Easy to carry

Get to know more about our borehole inspection camera

VISIOPROBE pipe inspection cameras are a multi environment solution coming with push rods, flexibe cables, fiber carbon telescopic poles and a wide range of accessories. It is ideal for leak detection, inspection of drills, structures, vaults, manholes, engineering works, water pipes , ground, dams, tunnels, construction sites.
Tough and lightweigh, you will be able to carry Visioprobe push camera easily. It is extremely robust and long lasting. A wide range of accessories make its potential use unlimited : LED centering devices, water boards, …
A full solution including product and services, used and recommended by off road inspection professionals.

Our pipe inspection cameras have many advantages.


  • Leak detection
  • Vault inspection
  • Manhole, Pipe inspection
  • Drill inspection
  • Underground inspection
  • Well inspection
  • Water dam, tunnels inspection
  • Coring, bore inspection


  • Tough and waterproof
  • 360° view 28 and 45mm pan & tilt camera head, forward view 28mm camera for tight bends
  • 4h autonomy + easy interchangeable battery
  • Strong and variable lighting
  • Manual focus for close vision
  • Wide angle or macro view
  • 8mm push rod both flexible and rigid
  • Flexible cable for vertical inspection
  • 30m reels with guiding mechanism
  • Electronic meter counter
  • Fiber carbon telescopic poles
  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel for hazardous environments
  • Kit for fixing control unit onto the reel
  • 7’’ touch screen with neck belt
  • Suitable for wet or dusty conditions
  • Anti-glare sun shade
  • Photo and video recording with text overlay.
  • Localisation transmitter compatible with RIDGID Locators
  • Equipement Backup and Annual Preventive Maintenance services
  • Centering devices and LED centering device


  • Top value for money and quick payback
  • Service Contracts: always work with top equipment
  • Plug&play : change rod, cable, camera easily
  • Robust and waterproof : can be used 7 days a week in all environments
  • No predefined normative reports : be flexible on the documentation