FAQ about Visioprobe’s inspection camera

What is average delivery time?

Our standard products are always in stock and delivery times are usually less than 1 week.

Where is VISIOPROBE manufactured?

The Visioprobe is designed and manufactured in Europe (France). It is a 100% European product.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your application, purchase of a Visioprobe set is usually between € 7,500 and € 15,000.

Is it possible to have a demo?

Yes. In case of confirmed interest, our local distributors (or our sales team directly) can be with you for an introduction to Visioprobe and tests in your environment.

Where can i buy Visioprobe?

We have local distributors in a wide range of countries : Europe, India, Asia, Australia, ... Please get in touch with us so we guide you to the right company.

In case there is no local distribution, we are also used to selling directly.


FORETEC, founded in 1974, is based in France and specialized in visual inspection solutions for the industry. It is the designer and manufacturer of VISIOPROBE cameras.

Find out more at www.foretec.fr

Can i use Visioprobe under all conditions?

The Visioprobe has been designed for use in any kind of demanding and harsh environment. And the feedback from our clients is excellent.  The control unit, as an example, has no ventilation in order to be able to operate in an environnement with high level of contamination or dust. For use of the camera with specific toxic chemicals, please get in touch with us.

What is the average cost and turnaround time for repairs?

Unlike videoscopes which may involve high repair costs, Visioprobe cameras after sales service price is usually moderate.

Repairs are on average made within 3 days after quote approval (excluding transportation).

Do you provide service contracts?

Yes. Please have a tour of our Visioprobe Services web page or contact us directly. The offer may vary country per country depending on your local distributor.

Are all the accessories displayed on the web site?

No. We constantly expand the range of accessories in order to increase the number of applications for your Visioprobe. Get in touch with us for additionnal information..

What are the main client references?

As of today Visioprobe is sold in a wide range of countries and we have several hundreds customers references. They range from SMEs to large groups in the Industrial and Outdoor markets. They are most often governments for Law Enforcement.

How long has the Visioprobe been around?

The Visioprobe has been in the market since 2009. We are now selling the 3rd version.

What are quality standards?

Visioprobe is CE marked and FORETEC is ISO 9001.

What is the right Visioprobe configuration for me?

The Visioprobe is an extremely modular solution with different types of cameras and mobility solutions.

Depending on your application, we will have the following questions:

  • type of inspection required: general vision, detailed inspection of an already known area, Foreign Object Detection, orbital inspection, weld inspection …
  • image quality and possible size of what you’re looking for: this will impact the choice of the optics
  • dimensions of the area to be explored and existing lighting: volume, presence of natural light, …
  • type of coating: reflections, absorption of light, …
  • constraints in access to the area to inspect (distance, elbows, slope, …)
  • constraints in access to the working area: doors, ladders, scaffold, long walking distance, confined environment

This list is not exhaustive and we are here to help you in the analysis and in the choice of the most appropriate product. Moreover, in case of confirmed interest, we come to show you how it works in your environment.


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