Industries – Law Enforcement


Pan & Tilt for 360° view
Tough and lightweight
4h autonomy
Carbon fiber telescopic poles
Compact and easy to setup and use
Photo and video recording


Pan tilt pole camera for law enforcement

VISIOPROBE Pan & Tilt quality pole cameras are fitted to all Law Enforcement and Security players : Police, NATO, Military, Swat, Customs, Marine Police, Private companies, …
Inspect containers, loads, look for suspicious items, explosives, weapons, packs, control trucks, boats, ceilings, cavities. VISIOPROBE pole camera combined with a large range of fiber carbon folding poles provides you with 360° vision in any situation.
Designed to meet operational requirements in the most extreme working conditions. Visioprobe pole camera is among the most compact, robust and light weight with high end image quality.

  • Law enforcement/Swat
  • Search and Rescue
  • Tactical surveillance
  • Customs controls
  • Trucks, boats, load inspections


  • Tough and lightweight
  • Carbon fiber poles from 1.5 to 13.5m, internally wired with fixing kit
  • Pan & Tilt 360° camera head
  • 4h autonomy + additional external battery
  • Weight of camera and 5.6m pole approx. 1kg
  • 12 or 24 LEDs
  • Lighting can be switched off
  • 2 bars waterproof camera
  • Manual focus for close vision
  • 7’’ touch screen with neck belt
  • Suitable for wet or dusty conditions
  • Photo and video recording with text overlay
  • Rugged backpack or suitcase
  • Standard IR camera can be connected


  • Full vision, no blind spot
  • Great pole lenght allows for more applications
  • Low and easy maintenance due to independance of control unit, camera and pole
  • Photos and videos allow for full documentation
  • Very simple to use, no difficult training
  • Indoor, outdoor, suitable to any type of weather