Reels, Poles

Reels and telescopic poles for cameras

Reels and poles have been designed especially for your environment, based on years of customer experience.
Telescopic poles are the answer for straight and short distance inspections. For long distance inspections with bends, use our set of push rods with various lengths and diameters.

Telescopic poles

Easy to use, highly efficient

  • Light weight with strong rigidity for long distance inspection
  • Utra resistant carbon fiber
  • From 0.4m to 13.5m extended length
  • Internal wire
  • Mounting bracket for camera

Reels and push rods

 For areas difficult to access

  • 30m length
  •  8mm standard push rod
  • Electronic meter counter
  • Clamp ring for braking

Reels and flexible cable

Vertical Inspection

  • Up to 50m flexible cable
  • Electronic meter counter
  • Reel with crank