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Products & Services : Visual inspection pan tilt compact camera

VISIOPROBE is a unique system with cameras, a control unit and mobility tools. Based on years of client feedback, it features several patented innovations. Visioprobe camera heads are among the most compact and robust, without compromising image quality.
VISIOPROBE is a natural complement to videoscopes. Its cameras have been designed for your applications : powerful lighting, manual focus, several diameters and optics, stainless steel version and a full set of mobility tools (fiber carbon telescopic poles, flexible cables, reels and push rods).

We’re available for any project

You are a service company. Availability, reliability and total cost of ownership are your key requirements. Visioprobe will live up to this challenge. It is easy to use and extremely robust. You can go virtually anywhere with the range of mobility tools (telescopic camera pole, push rods, flexible cable) and its spherical camera head design guarantees you will not get trapped. Use it as weld inspection camera, tank inspection camera, steam generator or turbine inspection camera, … the range of applications is unlimited.

You manage an industrial site. You need a product that can bring vision to solve any unplanned circumstance. Visioprobe industrial inspection pan tilt compact camera offers you that flexibility. Pan tilt while extremely compact, it will give you live quality vision of the most hidden area. And you do not need trained operators : the equipement is robust and simple enough so anyone can use it. You have some toxic environment : use our stainless steel versions for simple decontamination.

You’re in charge of Quality control. Analyzing and understanding any situation is driving you. Visioprobe is the right visual inspection solution. Its unique focus capabilities, from close contact to infinity, and its set of optics will allow you to get magnificent images and any level of detail required. Use it as a vessel inspection camera, a pipe inspection camera or for any other application.

You run a production process. The camera you need has to run long hours in a difficult environment. This is where Visiprobe extreme robustness makes a difference. Its simple and unique design is the first and foremost protection. We have years of customer feedback and can assure you that maintenance is limited. Try it yourself. Ease of use is also critical : any new operator can join and will be able to start with no training required.

You oversee all NDT equipements. Visual inspection is not the most challenging part, but you want a reliable, cost efficient and modular solution. It also has to be available at any time. Inspections pan tilt cameras are often the right solution vs. videoscope or industrial endoscope. Limited maintenance, higher lighting output and image quality, modularity on top, this is a must-have. And all our products are available on the shelf.

You setup new methods and procedures. Integrating remote visual inspection solution right from the start is definitely the winning approach. It will result in gain of time and increased efficiency at a later stage. Visioprobe solution, with its compact pan tilt camera, its focus capabilities and range of optical options will provide you with a cost efficient and reliable long term solution.

You are Visual Testing (VT) certified inspector. Whether you’re a freelance or part of a big company, you need a daily inspection camera set that is reliable and can access any hidden part or confined space. Visioprobe can be used as a tank camera, a weld inspection camera, a pipe inspection camera. It is a waterproof inspection camera and is the right complement to video scope or industrial endoscope. It will increase your range of application 10 times at least. And maintenance cost is very limited.