Energy plant weld inspection

Energy plant weld inspection

Visioprobe equipment

Pan & Tilt 45mm camera with focus

Control Unit

30m reel with push rod

100mm centering device


Customer need in energy plant weld inspection

A major Energy utility player is required to control every 2 years welds of a critical internal pipe network. The pipes are 150 mm diameter and up to 20 meters long with several bends. The operator needs to access all welds and control corrosion and cracks. The control needs to be performed in an orbital way, with the camera surveying the weld extensively and in a consistent manner.

Challenge in energy plant

There are three challenges :

  1. all welds need to be accessed and surveyed, but there is no intermediate borehole
  2. all welds need to be consistently and repeatedly controled, so comparisons can be established from one inspection to the other
  3. the operation has to be done under time constraints

Solution for energy plant weld inspection

Visioprobe inspection camera range allows for a reliable and consistent inspection in only one go. The camera, centered in the pipe and pushed with a flexible rod allows for a swift access to all welds. The camera then tilts in order to have a direct view to the weld bead and rotates to perform a 360° inspection of the weld. A video is recorded, with number and position of the weld and pictures can also be taken for all points of interest.


energy plant weld inspection

Results of a pipe inspection

The complete pipe is inspected within half a day with all welds checked in full. Where a videoscope would not allow for access and consistent orbital inspection, Visioprobe allows for a swift and consistent remote visual inspection. The corresponding equipement is then referenced at client’s end and is used for each inspection, whether by internal or external staff.