Industrial remote inspection camera

VISIOPROBE features several patented innovations to address all remote visual inspection applications in the industry


  • Stronger lighting and better image quality
  • Easy to use, gain some time
  • Wide application potential with multiple cameras and a wide range of mobility solutions
  • Text overlay on photos and videos for better documentation
  • On the shelf, stock always available
  • Few repair and rapid turnaround means better availability
  • Dedicated suitcase range for easy transportation

VISIOPROBE: Optimizing Inspections in Harsh Environments

Pan Tilt Compact Camera solution VISIOPROBE is particularly fitted for harsh environments : Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemicals, Pharma, Food. It is ideal for general quality control and inspection of tanks, vessels, steam generators, turbines, pipes, welds, as well as foreign object detection and flaws characterization.

Great design and easy to use (touch screen, simple menus) and maintain : VISIOPROBE will be a hit for your operators and help you boost inspections quality and productivity.


/// Nuclear

Visioprobe stainless steel cameras are easy to operate and can be used to access and control any nuclear component : steam generator, heat exchanger, condenser, reactor vessel, nuclear fuel pool, tanks, pipes (primary and secondary), welds, turbines, generators. It is compact, robust and fanless. We perform maintenance training so that your teams can operate on site.

/// Power Generation

Increase productivity and keep maintenance costs of your production environment under control. With turbine locations now onshore and offshore there is a need for portable and robust inspection solutions. With Visioprobe, reach inaccessible parts, such as tip of wind turbine blades, vertical pipes, bends, hazardous areas, tanks and vessels, and survey corrosion, wear sources and cracks or perform Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR).


/// Pharmaceutical, Food, Process

You demand the highest level of hygiene. Your tanks and vessels have specific coatings and can be electro polished. Visioprobe small and compact stainless steel cameras will reach any part of your production environment. Our UV version can also be used for fluorescent inspection. Perform orbital weld inspection, control that your pipes are 100% clean. With Visioprobe tank inspection camera or vessel inspection camera, avoid scaffolding, Confined Space Entry (CSE) and reduce downtime while increasing safety.


/// Industry

Inspect your assets or control the quality of the inaccessible internal parts of your machines, pipes, engines, tanks…without disassembling or damaging them. Visioprobe is a perfect industrial tool for the automotive, aerospace, construction and public works sectors to reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime and reduce the risk of operational accidents.

/// Oil&Gas

Whether onshore or offshore, reach any confined space with Visioprobe waterproof industrial inspection camera. Inspect pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks, caissons, infrastructure. Use Visioprobe as a weld inspection camera to detect corrosion and avoid any costly shutdown.


/// Security

Law enforcement, security or customs authorities are regularly called upon to inspect trucks, vehicles, boats, containers, false ceilings, hideouts… to detect objects, goods or materials that could be concealed and/or in breach of the law. Visioprobe is an ideal modular solution for meeting the visual inspection needs of law enforcement or customs agencies.

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