Visioprobe, a product by Foretec


Patent-holding french industry ISO 9001


50 years’ expertise in visual inspection


Professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and quality


Foretec, a French patent-holding company, has been dedicating its expertise and research and development activities to visual inspection for 50 years. We provide the solutions and services required by our customers to inspect their products, assets and infrastructures.

By being both a distributor and a manufacturer, Foretec has developed an undisputed name and expertise in the remote visual inspection market. Professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and quality are Foretec’s hallmarks: our sales and technical teams are fully dedicated.

Drawing on its expertise, Foretec has set up its own research and development department made up of highly qualified engineers who design, create and implement innovative and technical products. With over 20 years’ experience in visual inspection and customer-focused, our R&D team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that meet remote visual inspection market needs in a wide range of industries: power generation, nuclear, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, aeronautic and aerospace, oil and gas or construction. Foretec is proud to have developed the innovative and exclusive Visioprobe solution to offer a response to remote visual inspection most complex needs. The 3 pan & tilt cameras that make up the range today have each been developed to meet specific market needs. Together they offer solutions for all types of applications, whatever the type and volume of confined or inaccessible space to explore.

Based in France, Foretec is present locally through dedicated sales forces. Its VISIOPROBE compact cameras solution is distributed worldwide through a large distribution network.


ISO 9001-certified

In order to meet our customers’ requirements in a spirit of quality, on-time delivery, cost control, and customer satisfaction, Foretec has been ISO 9001-certified since 2006.

International quality management standard recognized worldwide, ISO 9001 certification sets out the requirements for an effective quality management system geared to continuous improvement.

FAQ about Foretec

in France, Foretec is a recognized supplier of visual inspection solutions. Foretec offers worldwide its exclusive Visioprobe range of visual inspection cameras for industry.

Our standard products are always in stock and delivery times are usually less than 1 week.

Visioprobe is designed, manufactured and assembled in France. It is 100% French equipment. All repairs are also carried out locally.

Foretec pays particular attention to customer service. Whether you have purchased your products through one of our official resellers or directly from us, we will provide a rapid response to any problem you may encounter. If necessary, your solution can be returned to our factory to be analyzed and repaired, in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to a large distribution network, Visioprobe has a global presence and is already distributed in over 15 countries. Feel free to send us a request by email, we will be delighted to put you into contact with our local agent or to directly manage your request.

According to its ISO 9001 certification, Foretec is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality. Our customers can so expect consistent quality with Visioprobe products. Foretec has been structured to understand and meet customer requirements. Customers’ concerns are addressed promptly and we are committed to minimize disruptions. Finally, ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard. Worldwide customers can be assured that our company’s quality management system aligns with global best practices, providing a common understanding of quality expectations.