Benefits at a glance


HIGHLY VERSATILE, Visioprobe compact cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications within the pharmaceutical industry


NON-DESTRUCTIVE, Visioprobe cameras do not compromise the structural integrity of the tank or contaminate the pharmaceutical products stored inside


Visioprobe cameras are a SAFE solution: operators work from distance, there is no risk of foreign object loss or cross contamination

Customer needs

The pharmaceutical industry uses mixers and blenders to mix ingredients homogeneously and tanks to store raw materials, intermediates and final products. Those industries need to ensure high product quality. Regular assessments of mixers, blenders and tanks integrity help ensure that the stored pharmaceutical products remain free from contamination, maintaining their quality and efficacy. However, their usually stainless steel interior coating therefore very shiny, make visual inspection difficult by causing reflections that complicate the analysis of images captured by standard cameras. Furthermore, the industry needs to comply with high regulatory standards. More specifically, pharmaceutical industry needs to ensure the safety of personnel within pharmaceutical processes and the overall reliability of manufacturing operations as complying with FDA standard. Safe inspection processes are so crucial.

tank inspection within the pharmaceutical industry


Often quicker and more cost-effective than some other inspection methods, visual inspection is a standard solution to inspect tanks that can be opened or have manholes and assess the condition of the tank interior by identifying visible defects such as surface corrosion, dents, scratches or signs of wear. Moreover, regular visual checks help ensure that any emerging issues are identified early, allowing for timely corrective actions and minimizing the risk of unexpected failures. As a non-destructive method, remote visual inspection can easily be incorporated into routine maintenance schedules without altering the integrity of the tank which is very important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation in remote visual inspection, Visioprobe is a perfect tank inspection camera for the industry to allow for minimization of downtime, equipment lifespan, prolongation and product loss prevention. Its diffused lighting works perfectly with stainless steel pharmaceutical assets, capturing sharp, glare-free images

Before starting, the operator identifies critical areas for examination and determines access points to the tank to establish a detailed plan that defines the inspection scope. To check a tank, the best combination is a Visioprobe HD tank inspection camera of  90 mm diameter with optical zoom, the Visioprobe control unit as well as a 15m flexible cable. By accessing through a manhole at the top of the tank, the operator lowers the camera probe with light into the tank. To conduct a visual inspection of the tank’s interior surfaces, the operator visualizes images and videos captured by the camera and controls camera movements adjusting camera’s angle and lighting to obtain clear visuals of the various critical areas such as welds, joints, seams and any potential corrosion-prone regions. Capturing images and videos of key areas, the operator documents observations throughout the inspection and notes anomalies, defects or conditions that may require attention. Once the inspection is complete, the operator carefully removes the remote visual inspection camera from the tank and generates a comprehensive inspection report that will lead future follow-up actions to address identified issues.

/// Sharp, glare-free images

/// Cost-effective solution

/// Stored products quality and efficacy maintained


To address the several critical reasons that compel the industry to regularly check tank integrity, Visioprobe and its complete compact cameras range is an ideal solution very easy to use and robust for effective, repeatable inspections over the long term.

Highly versatile, Visioprobe range can be adapted for use in various types of tanks with different shapes, sizes and materials avoiding difficult or dangerous handling by offering clear, high-resolution images and videos to easily identify issues. In conclusion, Visioprobe solution enable efficient, non-invasive and comprehensive inspections while minimizing risks and operational disruptions. Reducing the need for tank disassembly and cleaning, as well as minimizing downtime, Visioprobe is also cost-effective.