Benefits at a glance


View inside most difficult to access areas


Easy-to-install, fast to deploy and transportable system


Robust system that stands the test of time

Customer needs

Law enforcement, security or customs authorities are regularly called upon to inspect trucks, vehicles, boats, containers, false ceilings, hideouts… to detect objects, goods or materials that could be concealed and/or in breach of the law. To be accurate, inspections can be quite long and difficult; a loaded truck will need to be completely unloaded for a full visual inspection.

Saving time therefore becomes an issue for qualified agents. Faster inspections will enable more inspections to be carried out in the same day, and therefore better allocation and utilization of personnel for greater efficiency.

/// Law enforcement
/ Swat

/// Search and Rescue

/// Tactical surveillance

/// Customs controls

/// Trucks, boats, load inspections


/// Full vision, no blind spot

/// Low and easy maintenance

/// Photos and videos allow for full documentation

/// Very simple to use, no difficult training

/// Indoor, outdoor, suitable to any type of weather

Solution / Equipement

  • Pan & Tilt 360° 45 mm pole camera surveillance
  • Tough and lightweight
  • Carbon fiber poles from 1.5 to 13.5 m, internally wired with fixing kit

Visioprobe solution combines a control unit and a telescopic camera pole to offer quick and easy 360° vision in hard-to-reach places. The Visioprobe police camera on light pole can be deployed very quickly to efficiently explore all assets. In the case of the truck, the pole camera surveillance passes under the pallets to explore the entire body. Rotating and pivoting movements enable exploration between pallets. In the case of a container, 360° vision provides an all-round view, and the boom allows the camera to be guided into areas of interest. The inspection kit contains a boom, a telescopic camera pole and a control unit for camera control and image/video management fits into a gun case or backpack. It’s a compact solution, easy to transport and meeting the efficacy, speed and mobility needs of law enforcement and security personnel.


The Visioprobe telescopic camera pole is an ideal modular solution for meeting the visual inspection needs of law enforcement or customs agencies. VISIOPROBE law enforcement pole camera combined with a large range of fiber carbon folding poles provides a 360° vision in any situation to inspect containers, loads, look for suspicious items, explosives, weapons, packs, control trucks, boats, ceilings, cavities.

Designed to meet operational requirements in the most extreme working conditions, Visioprobe telescopic camera pole is among the most compact, robust and lightweight with high end image quality. Available as a standard kit or with a custom-configured solution, Visioprobe is an ally for efficient security inspections.