Benefits at a glance


Very rapid to deploy


Easy-to-install and transportable system


Robust system that stands the test of time

Customer needs

The french television channel TF1 broadcast a report on maritime customs controls off the port of Le Havre on friday march 8. According to this source, 80% of cocaine seizures are made by the sea. In response, the french government recently announced a plan to set up controls in the port of Le Havre, the main entry point for drugs into France.


The major challenge for maritime customs is to intervene as far upstream as possible, i.e. directly offshore, before the boats dock in port, to avoid complicity on the quayside. Once they have spotted a boat behaving strangely, maritime customs dock it and search it thoroughly for any drugs that may have been hidden in the cargo, bilge, engine room, air ducts; tanks or ventilation systems…The inspection must be carried out quickly and efficiently, using appropriate ressources.


/// Easy to transport and set up

/// Control of hard-to-reach corners

/// All-round view

/// Quick and efficient inspection

/// Meet customs’ needs

Solution / Equipement

  • Pan & Tilt 360° 45 mm telescopic camera surveillance tough and lightweight
  • Ergonomic unit control
  • Carbon fiber poles from 1.5 to 13.5 m, internally wired with fixing kit

Used by maritime customs for many years, the Visioprobe telescopic camera enables customs officers to quickly search for drugs on board ships they dock offshore. Transportable and easy to set up, the telscopic camera can be deployed very quickly to control nooks and crannies that are difficult for customs officers to reach physically. Mainly used with a telescopic pole, the telescopic camera is moved vertically or horizontally into hidden areas where drug stocks may be present. The camera’s rotating and swiveling movements provide an all-round view of inspected space. The customs operator controls the search remotely via the control unit, which controls the camera and manages images and video. The inspection is carried out quickly and efficiently. The Visioprobe inspection kit contains a telescopic carbon pole, a camera and a control unit fitted in a riffle case or a backpack for easy portability to meet customs’ needs for efficiency, speed and mobility.


The Visioprobe telescopic camera pole modular solution, including inspection camera, control unit and telescopic pole, is the solution choosen by french maritime customs for ships inspections off the port of Le Havre. Available as a standard kit or a custom-configured solution, Visioprobe is an ally for efficient security inspections.